British Carp Cup Main Rules 2017

Organisers British Carp Cups Ltd t/a BCC,  Northern, Midland,  Southern, Mixed and Ladies British Carp Cups
Officials Any person appointed as such by the organisers.
Competitor: Any angler accepted for entry into the tournament by the organisers.

Pair: 2 competitors fishing together and registered as a pair.

Team Event: 3 pairs (one in each region) registered with a team name.

  1. The Organisers are British Carp Cups Ltd who have absolute control and discretion over the competition, the rules and any amendments thereto.
  2. Entry to the competition will be by way of application to the organisers via their web site. The organisers reserve the right to refuse entry, cancel or change the dates and or venues of any event at their discretion. Anglers may only enter one eliminator in each region but if unsuccessful may then sign up for another if places are available.
  3. Lower age limit is 12 but they must be paired with a parent, guardian or responsible adult and be a capable and confident angler in their own right.
  4. Competitors entering the competition are doing so on the understanding that they have read both fishery and BCC rules before taking part. Ignorance of the rules will not be accepted as an excuse and penalties will be issued for any rule breaking.
  5. Total respect must be shown to officials at all times. Any arguing, rude or threatening behaviour will result in immediate disqualification and a lifetime ban from our competitions.
  6. A yellow card offence is for a misdemeanor, which will be determined by a match official and will carry through the whole competition. A red card offence is an immediate disqualification from the whole contest and is due to serious rule breaking as determined by BCC officials.
  7. The event will be run on a 48hr eliminator match where anglers compete for places in a final and the maximum number of eliminators shall be 4. There will be a maximum of 12 pairs in the eliminator or section on larger venues.
  8. The top three placed pairs from each eliminator or section will qualify for the Final. If there are only 3 qualifiers then the top 4 anglers will qualify for the final.
  9. Competitors must arrive and register themselves no later than 6:30am on the morning of the draw at the Barston eliminator,  and 8:30am at other eliminators. Runners must also sign in and be introduced to event officials at this time. (See separate rule No 52 for runners)
  10. Competitors must attend the draw in person, which will take place at the event Head Quarters at 7:00am at Barston and 9:00am at other venues on the morning of the competition. Any pair not having at least one member present at the start of the draw will be excluded from the draw and may be excluded from the competition and will only be allowed to take up a remaining swim. No refunds will be given for exclusion for any reason.
  11. The allocation of swims for the eliminators, provided there is a spare peg, will be by way of a watercraft draw whereby the first angler to be drawn shall have first choice of swim. The second name drawn shall have second choice and the draw will continue until the last angler has been drawn and has been allocated the last remaining swim. However, on qualifier venues where the number of pegs match the number of anglers we will use standard match style out of the bag draws and the same will apply for all finals with the exception of the Ladies Singles which will be watercraft. 
  12. The decision of the draw master is final. Once a swim number has been stated to the organisers by the competitors the choice is deemed final and will not be changed under any circumstances.
  13. All competitors must be in possession of the relevant Environment Agency Rod Licence(s) which will be checked at registration. Anyone not producing a rod licence upon request will be excluded from the competition and will forfeit all entry fees.
  14. Each competitor must set up his/her rods and accommodation within the boundaries authorised by the officials. All angling activities apart from the use of distance sticks must be done within the peg area. Competitors must not cast outside the limits of their swim, such limit to be marked by an imaginary line marking the middle distance between his and his neighbours peg marker. Any disputes as to the competitors casting outside the area must be reported immediately to the marshals. Marshals have the discretion to request that competitors re-cast their rods as and when directed and such request must be complied with.
  15. At the sound of the first horn competitors may commence plumbing and baiting of the swims. Upon hearing the horn sound a second time, anglers may cast in their baited hooks.
  16. There will be no baiting up by any means other than hand/throwing stick/bait rocket/spod/spomb/method or catapult and this must be done within the peg area. Free Baits may be attached by PVA to the rig. Walking down the bank, wading or swimming to bait up will not be permitted.
  17. Boats and remote control bait boats are prohibited along with Smartcast echo sounders and extending baiting spoon/pole kits.
  18. Pairs will be permitted to use a maximum of four rods unless otherwise stated by the organisers and must cast and bait their own rods, and play/ land their own fish. No assistance shall be allowed from any person other than the competitors partner. If an angler is fishing his/her event on their own they will only be permitted to use the usual number of rods allowed on that venue.
  19. All fish caught must be reported as soon as possible to the marshals. No gamesmanship such as holding on to caught fish until a later weigh in will be tolerated and will incur a penalty.
  20. Each fish must be witnessed by at least 1 marshal or 1 marshal and one competitor in the event that the parties are known to each other. (Other than the captor or his team mate)
  21. Each fish must be weighed on the official equipment of the marshals or it may be excluded from the results. To prevent cheating, where requested please do not return fish to the water before they have been photographed.
  22. Any photograph must include the BCC Official Catch Board, fish and captor. In certain circumstances BCC Peg Boards may be used.
  23. In the unlikely event of a marshal being unable to immediately weigh and witness a captured fish it MAY be placed in a retaining sling or landing net for holding until such a time as a marshal is available. The official weight will be that which is recorded by the marshal following weighing procedure by the officials using the official equipment. Retained fish must be secured as fish lost prior to the weighing are the responsibility of the competitor and will not count towards the final results.
  24. Competitors are required to possess their own retaining slings (keep nets at Barston and Willows Lakes) as in the event of a multiple captures, slings will be required to hold fish until weighing. They will not be provided by the organisers.
  25. Hooked fish should be landed without interfering with other competitors lines or they may be omitted from the final result. Any competitor who is aggrieved by another competitors hooked fish moving his lines or disturbing his presentation must make a formal complaint to the marshals as soon as is reasonably practicable or in any case within 30 minutes. There will be an organisation appointed panel of judges before whom the complaint will be placed and who will make a decision as to whether to allow that fish to count in the final results. The judge’s decision will be final.
  26. Only British Carp Cups officials, press, competitors and registered runners are permitted to bivvy up on the banks or be in the competition area after the hours of darkness.
  27. The organisers retain the right to search all competitors tackle or vehicles to combat any form of cheating or rule breaking. Anglers found cheating will be banned for life from the British Carp Cups and will be reported to the promoters and the national angling press.
  28. The competition shall be decided on total weight with the angler having the greatest weight being declared the winner. In the event of a tie the angler with the most fish will be declared the winner. If the result is still tied the angler catching the biggest fish will be declared the winner. If there is still a tied position then the “fastest fish” rule applies and the angler that landed the fish first will be declared the winner.
  29. In the event that an insufficient number of fish are caught during the match to fill the qualifying places or that the fish caught still cause a tie breaker situation, the competitors shall take part in a “cast off” which shall involve a test of accurate casting. The anglers adjudged as being the most accurate shall be classed as qualifiers.
  30. Only Leather, Common, Mirror and Grass Carp over 5lbs in weight will count in the competitions, unless otherwise stated before the match.
  31. Should any competitor wish to leave their swim for any reason whatsoever, they must reel their rods in and their baited hooks must be removed from the water. (Unless their partner has sufficient rod licences to cover all the rods)
  32. Swimming and wading for any reason whatsoever is prohibited. Entering the water to a maximum distance of 1 x 12ft rod length from the center of peg is not considered to be wading. However feet must be on the ground at all times and fishery rules must permit this.
  33. All lines must be cast into the water from the designated peg area using a fishing rod and reel.
  34. Each line may only have one hook attached. For conservation purposes the organisers request that barbless or micro-barb hooks are used. Fishery rules apply in this regard unless otherwise stated.
  35. For a fish to count in the competition it must have been hooked squarely in the mouth or within 2 cm of the mouth. Foul hooked fish will be excluded and shall be returned to the water unregistered.
  36. Each pair shall be permitted to use up to four rods and baited hooks in the water at any time and have a further two rods per person in reserve set up and ready to use.
  37. Two plumbing and two spod rods per pair are allowed in addition to the baited rods. Once used, plumbing and spod rod lines must be removed from the water. Unethical use of the spod / marker line may result in disqualification or penalty.
  38. Any angler using more than the authorised number of baited rods will be immediately disqualified from the competition and reported to the promoters.
  39. All fish must be landed within the peg area to count towards your weight. Competitors are not permitted to wade or walk down the bank to land fish. Entering the water to a maximum distance of 1 x 12ft rod length from center of peg is not considered to be wading. But fishery rules must allow this.
  40. Should a match need to be cut short for reasons beyond our control the following will apply. If the match is over half way through then the result at the time will stand. If the match is less than halfway through then there will be a cast off to determine 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.
  41. Competitors must comply with requests from authorised media members at all times regarding media coverage.
  42. The sounding of a horn will signify the end of each competition whereupon competitors must immediately withdraw their lines from the water.
  43. Any fish hooked before the final horn sounds must be landed within 10 minutes of the end of the competition or it will be excluded from the final results.
  44. In the event of a fish becoming irretrievably snagged the boat rule may where practical and if allowed by venue be applied. This will be at the discretion of the event organiser. For full details of the boat rule please see below
  45. BOAT RULES  The boat rule is used for fish care and safety. If a fish becomes irretrievably snagged the rod must be passed to an official who will make a decision as to whether the fish is indeed snagged. If it is deemed snagged, a boat, if available, may be launched into the water from the competitors swim and the line retrieved without harm to the fish. Only fishery officials / British Carp Cups officials are allowed to enter the boat and may take such items with them as they feel will assist in the job. The rod and competitor must stay on the bank and the fish, if freed, must be played and landed from the bank. A period of 10 minutes is allowed for the fish to be landed once it has been freed for the last time. The boat rule may only be applied once per peg per event unless over ruled by the fishery in which case you will be advised before the draw. In the event of it being required to be used more than once, any additional fish will not count towards your scores and the competitors will be advised to alter their angling practices to prevent this from happening again.
  46. If any competitor wants to make a complaint about the conduct or practice of another competitor they must do so to their marshal within 30 mins of any alleged infringement taking place. Any competitor wishing to challenge the results of an event or a decision made by a marshal at the event must do so to the organisers within 1 hour of the end of the competition and must make a formal written challenge / appeal to BCC HQ within 24 hours of the event concluding. The appeals procedure will then apply and the result will be provisional until the outcome by the adjudicating panel. The appeals procedure will be notified to all concerned parties as appropriate.
  47. Fishery rules apply unless otherwise amended to for the purposes of the event by the fishery manager / organiser. Please make yourselves aware of fishery rules and adhere to them.
  48. If any pair is excluded from the competition no refund shall be given. If a pair has to cancel their entry a refund will only be given if an alternative team can fill their reserved entry place. If you fail to pay your required balance 6 weeks before the qualifier and without informing the organisers in writing then your full deposit will be lost.
  49. Any pair not turning up for an event without giving 6 weeks written notice will lose all payments made.
  50. Runners may be used in the competitions but must be registered as in Rule No 8. Once the runner has been registered they cannot be changed for the duration of the match. The runner is only allowed to help out generally by fetching, carrying, cooking and making drinks etc. They are not allowed to touch anything fishing related when on the peg. They are however allowed to help the marshals weigh and return fish and also sign their teams catch sheets. If in doubt ask a match official as penalties will be incurred if caught breaking this rule.
  51. In the event of a cancellation an administration charge of £50.00 will be levied. There are no exceptions to this rule.

British Carp Cup Final Rules

All of the British Carp Cup Regional Competition Rules apply, along with:

  1. Qualification to this event will be automatic if you finish in the top four from each of the Northern, Midland and Southern Carp Cup Finals.
  2. If for any reason a qualifying pair does not wish to participate then the place is passed on to the competitors immediately below them.
  3. Any competitors qualifying in more than one event will be put through on the basis of their best result as determined by the BCC. The competitors immediately below them will take their place in the British Carp Cup final.
  4. There will be an annual trophy which will have the winner’s names added every year. This will be kept by the reigning champions until the following years final, when it will be handed back.
  5. There will also be trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places which will be kept by the competitors.
  6. There will only be a cash prize of £2,500 for the British Carp Cup winners along with trophies. 2nd and 3rd places will receive trophies and prizes if available.

Team Competition Rules

  1. A team must consist of 3 unique pairs. One to be entered in each regional competition. You cannot represent a team twice or fish for a different team in the same competition.
  2. In addition to the entry fee of £330/pair, a team entry fee of £100 along with a team name must be selected to take part.
  3. The team must register their pairs and the venues that they will be fishing in prior to the first pair competing in their first eliminator.
  4. The team will fish in three eliminators scoring points for their result. A win attracts 12 points, a blank scores no points.
  5. Points also accrue in the regional finals with 24 points for a win down to 0 points for a blank
  6.  The team event will be decided at the end of the last regional final where the team with the highest points will be declared the winner.
  7. In the event of a draw for points, the team with the highest scoring places will be declared the winners.
  8. The winners of the team event will receive free entry into the following years event along with trophies which will be awarded at the British Carp Cup Final.

Mixed Carp Cup Rules

  1. This is a one off 48 hr mixed pairs event.
  2. A pair must comprise of a member of each sex.
  3. Lower age limit is 12 but they must be paired with a parent, guardian or responsible adult and be a capable and confident angler in their own right.
  4. Both competitors must be competent anglers in their own right and be seen to be contributing equally. This will be monitored by BCC event officials.
  5. Fishery rules take precedent followed by BCC rules as with all our events.
  6. There will be a break on the Saturday afternoon for a food and drink social, where everybody must reel in and attend. Don’t worry, we will not let it interfere with prime bite time.

Ladies British Carp Cup Rules (Single and Pairs)

  1. These are 48 hr singles and pairs events for females ONLY.
  2. There is a lower age limit of 18 for the singles event. Proof may be required. For the pairs the lower age limit is 12 but they must be paired with a parent or guardian or responsible adult and be a capable and confident angler in their own right.
  3. There is a 2 rod limit for the singles.
  4. All participating anglers must be competent in their own right and able to fish on their own through out the hours of darkness.
  5. Runners will be allowed but please read BCC rules regarding this.
  6. (Singles) Your rods must not be left unattended at any time. Having a runner in your peg does not mean you can leave your rods. (However short a period this might be) Breaking this rule will result in an instant disqualification.
  7. (Pairs) You may leave the area, provided your partner stays on the peg and has adequate EA licences to cover all rods.