Points are given in the regional competitions and the prize for winning team is to be presented at the British Carp Cup Final along with free entry into the next years competition. Regional Finals get double points. (Points will not be awarded in the British Carp Cup Final) Trophies will also be awarded to 2nd and 3rd place at the BCC Final.

To enter this event, you need a team name and three individual pairs. One pair fishing each region. No team member can fish in more than one region for his or any other team.

Entry Cost

£100 to enter a team into the competition plus one pair in each region paying £330 per pair.

Points awarded as in chart below.

Team Point System

12 points—1st Place

11 points—2nd Place

10 points—3rd Place

9 points—4th Place

8 points—5th Place

7 points—6th Place

6 points—7th Place

5 points—8th Place

4 points—9th Place

3 points—10th Place

2 points—11th Place

1 point—12th Place

No points for a blank

Team Chart

2016 Final League Table

DNA - 0 points

Pair Names Qualifier
Darren Wilcox / Jason Trought Q Lake NCC
Karl Palmer / Callum Gutteridge Barston MCC
Wesley Prestage / Tim Hickinbottom Airfield SCC

Bait-Tech - 0 points

Pair Names Qualifier
TBC Poolbridge NCC
Christian Hughes / Daniel Holliday Kingsbury MCC
Nicky Mills / Terry Ebdon Thorney Weir SCC

Colne Valley Tackle and Bait - 12 points

Pair Names Qualifier
Barry Cunningham / Michael Evans Old Mill NCC
Adam Goodwin / Wayne Higgins Barston MCC
Clifford Baker / Peter Hale 1st Sandhurst SCC

Carping4Heroes - 0 points

Pair Names Qualifier
Ste Alford / Dean Crust Old Mill NCC
Steve Brown / Matt McKay Barston MCC
Bruce Larg / Darren Reynolds Airfield SCC